Empowering Governments to Harness Emerging Technologies for Innovation, Job Creation and Sustainability

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MKAI is your trusted industry partner for harnessing innovation from emerging technologies. We are a global organisation, based in the UK and supported by a diverse community of experts and practitioners from over 100 countries. 

At MKAI, we are committed to helping governments build their capabilities to navigate the complexities of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Web3. As the United Nations has noted, capacity building is essential for enabling countries to harness the benefits of these technologies while managing their potential risks.

Our goal is to empower government officials to make informed decisions about the use of emerging technologies and to effectively lead their countries into a more sustainable and prosperous future.

To achieve this, MKAI offers tailored digital upskilling, awareness and development programmes to governments and institutions seeking to promote entrepreneurship and improve digital skills along with increasing the uptake of emerging technologies across local industries and companies. MKAI offerings include workshops, courses and personalised development pathways.

When working with MKAI you will experience our commitment to excellence, as we help you unlock the full potential of emerging technologies and create a sustainable future.

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