Emerging Technology

Course description

The digital divide is real and presents a significant problem for those who feel they are getting ‘left behind’ or find it difficult to understand how businesses are becoming more digitally enabled.

Furthermore, it has never been more important to employ technologies that increase efficiency, sustainability, and reputation due to changes brought on by pandemics, remote working, climate change, supply chain instability, and D&I difficulties. On a day-to-day basis, many educators struggle to fully comprehend what new technologies can do for organisations and entrepreneurs.

In light of this, MKAI is dedicated to actively bridging the digital divide by assisting individuals in developing their confidence in speaking about transformative or emerging technologies and applying this new information and enthusiasm to their work. We accomplish this by collaborating with institutions to offer engaging, hands-on workshops that demonstrate how the most recent technologies can immediately solve real-world challenges. We simplify the principles while making the technologies approachable. 



Workshop includes; RFID Load Tracking, Route Optimisation, Driver Tracking, AI driver and vehicle condition monitoring. Attendees will learn more about the Fleets and Logistics industry and the technologies that are transforming the processes and operations.

Workshop includes; Sensor-tech, building health, digital twins, tracking locations, tracking stock, and tracking people. Attendees will learn more about the Retail, Manufacturing, Storage, Construction, Medical, Pharma, and Assisted Living industries and how technology is creating impact, disruption and catalysing innovation.

Workshop includes; Removing paper processes – digitalisation of processes – People/Processes/Technology. Attendees will learn more about how the Manufacturing, Utilities, Heavy Industry, Military, Logistics, Warehousing and Retail industries are digitally transforming, including risks, challenges and opportunities.

Workshop includes; Applications in training/education (academic, industrial), marketing and advertising (commercial, retail, entertainment) health and wellbeing (Life sciences), psychology and sociological applications (Health sciences). Attendees will learn about and experience both VR and AR devices and learn about the differences and the unique use cases for each technology.

Workshop includes; Using Matterport 3D scanning camera – Suitable for marketing (real estate, entertainment, hospitality), BIM modelling and Digital Twinning (construction), Route Finding and Marketing (Hospitality, Tourism), Onboarding and staff orientation (HR – also medical – Hospitals and care homes).

Workshop (presented in person only) includes; external 3D modelling using drones and volumetrics (construction, repair, renewable energy – solar, wind), Marketing (hospitality, real estate, tourism), Security and first response (police, fire, ambulance).

Workshop includes; visual techniques that use AI to simplify and interpret complex data and how this can lead to insights that will transform businesses. The attendees will use powerful 3D visuals to illuminate the relationships, facts, and previously unseen insights, and learn about meaningful observations of significant findings, using plain language that guides them as they explore the data.

Workshop can be delivered at Introductory or Intermediate levels and includes definitions and evolution, key terminology, requirements for building AI, cybersecurity, industry use-cases, types of AI, business implementation and scope. 

Workshop explains how Blockchain works and why it has the potential to be a game-changer, exploring cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, decentralised ledgers and the token economy. 

Time commitment

3-4 hours per Workshop

Best for

Relevant to industries including; Manufacturing, Retail, Greentech, Logistics, Construction, Microgrids, Health Sciences / Life sciences. Also popular for college teaching staff, IT Managers and students (who can also be delivery partners and interact with business attendees where workshops are presented in person).


Workshops can be delivered online except for Drones workshop