Services for Governments

At MKAI, we understand the critical role that Government Departments and IGOs play in promoting technological literacy and innovation. When it comes to technological literacy and innovation, businesses and entrepreneurs often rely on their government and it’s associated institutions for guidance and support. One such area is with new technologies, so at MKAI, we offer a series of services that support governments with catalysing, regulating and sustaining the use of emerging technologies. These include advisory services, internal knowledge transfer workshops and external courses catered towards businesses and entrepreneurs. Our specialism is emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Web3. Each of these technologies has the power to improve government processes and help businesses improve their productivity, sustainability and profits. We understand that each Governments has specific needs, so we develop customised development programmes based on their specific requirements.¬†

Policy and Regulation Advisory Services

Our Policy and Regulation Advisory Services help governments and IGOs create a robust and effective regulatory framework for emerging technologies. Our team of experts provides insights into the potential risks and benefits of new technologies, enabling policymakers to develop regulations that promote innovation while ensuring public safety and ethical considerations.

Innovation Strategies

We work with governments and IGOs to develop comprehensive innovation strategies that foster an environment conducive to the development and adoption of emerging technologies. By identifying key drivers of innovation and addressing potential barriers, we help organizations create a roadmap for sustained technological progress and economic growth.

Technology Acquisition Support

Our Technology Acquisition Support services assist governments and IGOs in identifying, evaluating, and acquiring the most suitable emerging technologies for their needs. We provide expert guidance throughout the procurement process, ensuring your organization makes informed decisions and secures the best technologies to drive innovation.

Sustainability Strategies

Our Sustainability Strategies services help governments and IGOs address the environmental and social impacts of emerging technologies. We work collaboratively to develop strategies that promote sustainable development, minimize negative environmental consequences, and ensure the equitable distribution of technology benefits.

Ethics and Inclusion with

In partnership with XRSI, we offer services that focus on ethics and inclusion in the development and deployment of emerging technologies. Our approach helps governments and IGOs identify and mitigate potential risks, biases, and harms associated with new technologies, fostering a more equitable and responsible technology landscape.

Mitigating the Risks, Biases, and Harms of Emerging Technologies

We help organizations proactively address the potential risks, biases, and harms associated with emerging technologies. Our collaborative approach enables governments and IGOs to develop and implement policies and practices that ensure the responsible and ethical use of new technologies.

Developing Women in Tech with The Bigger Pie

In collaboration with The Bigger Pie, we offer initiatives focused on promoting gender diversity in technology fields. Our programs empower women in tech by providing mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, helping to create a more diverse and inclusive technology ecosystem.

Capacity Building

We partner with CTCN to offer capacity-building programs that enhance the skills and knowledge of governments, IGOs, and NGOs in the field of emerging technologies. Our tailored training and support services help organizations develop the expertise needed to harness the power of new technologies for positive impact.

Emerging Technologies Technical Workshops

Our Emerging Technologies Technical Workshops provide governments and IGOs with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to navigate the constantly evolving technology landscape. Our team of experts delivers hands-on training in cutting-edge technologies, ensuring your organization is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to drive innovation.

Emerging Technologies  Leadership Workshops

Our Emerging Technologies  Leadership Workshops focus on the strategic and managerial aspects of implementing new technologies within your government. We help leaders develop the foresight and decision-making skills necessary to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies, ensuring long-term growth and success.

Emerging Technologies for Businesses Workshops

Our Emerging Technologies for Businesses Workshops empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and create new business opportunities. Our Emerging Technologies for Businesses Workshops are designed to empower organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies. We provide tailored workshops covering various aspects of emerging technologies, from understanding their capabilities and applications to developing successful implementation strategies. These workshops are ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their technological capabilities, boost efficiency, and capitalise on the transformative power of emerging technologies.

Emerging Technologies Accelerator Programs

Our Emerging Technologies Accelerator Programs support start-ups and scale-ups working with innovative technologies. We offer mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to help these companies grow, create jobs, and contribute to the global technology ecosystem.